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Antarctica: Empire of the Penquins

Antarctica Empire of the Penguin 

Antarctica Empire of the PenguinYou're at the bottom of the world, inhospitable to human life, temperatures drop to -129°, over-exposure is inevitable, survival is limited, dare to enter Antarctica, Empire of the Penguin.

Be transported to one of the most remote places on the planet. Get ready to explore a new world hidden from civilization. But this time, the quest is bigger and more incredible then ever before, enter the Empire of the Penguin.

The journey ahead is not for the faint of heart, Be amazed with the sights,  sounds and awesome close-up encounters found in this one-of-a-kind  icy wonderland Antarctica, Empire of the Penguin. 

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Making of Antarctica

Take a behind the scenes tour of the strange world of Antactica that provides insight into the amazing story of this icy wonderland of the gentoo penguin Meet the star of the show "Puck" as you explore his colony both above and below ground. A first-of-its-kind Antarctic Empire of the Penguin theme-park that only SeaWorld could create. Climb aboard a uniquely designed mobile simulator that transports guests into story-line of this strange new world of the Antarctic penguins. Choose amongst 2-levels of adventure as this trackless vehicle carries families through a unique adventure with varying levels of intensity.

Explore Antarctica

This epic adventure created by SeaWorld places guests in a state-of-the-art mobile rover to explore the depts of the South Pole. Navigate, glide and slide on this epic journey to the icy wintery colony of the penguin. Brave a blizzard, be dazzled by ice and lights in this frigid world hostile to man. Take a dubious journey to the bottom of the world's windiest, coldest continent where the ice measures depts of 9,000 feet. Embark on this one-of-a-kind journey that will immerse the entire family unaware into the sights and sounds of this frozen South Pole. Experience close encounters with wildlife and view this stunning underground world through the eyes of a penguin. With SeaWorld's state-of-the-art technology, now guests will experience a new adventure that brings riders face to face with this amazing species.

Empire of the Penguin

Meet our stars
In one of the largest expansions in the history of SeaWorld, guests will discover giant iceburgs, fullsize glaciers, and the storyline of one of the most adorable little penguins ever created. As mobile vehicles transport guests on an epic voyage to Antarctica, temperatures drop sharply as you descend to the bottom of the world. Get up close and personal with some of the coolest animals around backdropped by massive ice and huge mountains.
Over the years, SeaWorld has taken it's guests to the 4 corners of the earth in search of amazing adventures in the most exotic locations. Now you can see antarctica through the eyes of a very special penguin named Puck as you walk amoung amazing colonies of exotic penguins. Guests will be fascinated with various species of penguins that are featured at Antarctica including gentoos, rockhoppers, Adelies and kings. SeaWorld maintains a brisk 25°F year round for it's colony of over 300 penguins. Now you can view these funny llttle creatures interact within the colony en their own natural habitat.

Land of Extremes

Far away lies an untapped strange world filled with extremes that are uninhabitable by human life. At the South Pole, ice and snow cover the terrain year long with temperatures well below zero. Not only is this content the windiest and the driest climate on earth, but the continent has a breathtaking unexplored beauty that takes on a character of its own. Buy Discount Tickets Now!Yet Antarctica is host to a unique species of creatures that thrive in this inhospitable land creating the epic adventure that only SeaWorld could bring to life.

Antarctica South Pole

Antarctica Ice Formation

View the breathtaking beauty of this far away place

King Penguins

Penguin with Family

Stars of the show at SeaWorld

Antarctica's ride vehicle

Antarctica Ride Vehicle

State-of-the-art ride vehicle that glides along the surface

SeaWorld's new
 character "Puck"


Join "Puck" on a unforgettable journey to a remote penguin colony deep within Antarctica

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