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Islands of Adventure

Islands of Adventure

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Islands of Adventure

Welcome to Islands of Adventure home to an abundance of entertainment and rides for the whole family! Venture through five different zones of the park; each housing its own unique set of riders and experiences, from super hero’s to dinosaurs and even Dr. Seuss the entertainment just continues to roll in! Visit each land depending on your preference of theme and rides for the most out of your time visiting. Explore and experience this unforgettable fun filled adventure!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade


The most beloved literary and movie characters comes to life in this amazing interactive experience. Harry, Ron and Hermione like you never seen them before! Go through the magical streets where for once in a while muggles can roam around! Enjoy a drink of Butterbeer and Pumpkin Juice at the Three Broomsticks. Send letters at the Owl Post or buy a wand at Ollivanders. For the sweet tooth in the party, there’s no other place than Honeydukes the legendary sweetshop. Stop at Filch’s Emporium of Confiscated Goods where you’ll find Hogwarts & Quidditch costumes, toys, and movie prop replicas. Don’t forget to enjoy two amazing rollercoasters: Flight of the Hippogriff, a thrilling adventure for the whole family including the little ones; Dragon Challenge is for young-adults or older in the party. What is a trip to Hogsmeade with a tour to the incredible Hogswarts castle. Join Harry and his friends at Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, where in this magical adventure, he’ll take you on a wonderful trip as you hop on one of the magical benches. Expect the unexpected as you battle Voldemort and its legion of Dementors. Full of action and great special effects, makes this one of the best theme park rides!

Dragon Challenge
As you enter into the castle, be ready to embark on a competition of a lifetime, the Triwizard Tournament! You’ll see the lighted Goblet of Fire, and the Triwizard Cup will be your reward. Get ready! Pick your dragon, between the fiery Chinese Fireball, or the icy Hungarian Horntail. This is why is called Dragon Challenge! Get set----and-----go! Hold on tight, howl and scream is allowed, follow the twists and loops, and make sure to head to the finish line…depending on the “dragon”, the experience in these amazing roller coasters will be different. And, watch out for that moment when both gets as close together, you’ll be able to see another competitors shoes! Don’t miss this 2 ½ minutes ride that simply will get your heartbeat thrilling with delight, and your adrenaline pumping high! (Located in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade)

Dragon Challenge

The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man
The amazing adventures of our web-slinging, friendly neighbor continues! Recently renovated with the latest technology, in high definition 4K 3-D. With crystal clear graphics, and vivid colors, you’ll be immersing in this spectacular thrilling adventure. Battling the Sinister Syndicate formed by Electro, Scream, Dr. Octopus, Hydro-man, and Hobgoblin. We’ll be taken from the New York skyline and into the rooftop of the buildings where our hero will save the day! Make sure to pay special attention, cause there will be a cameo by legendary icon and Spider-Man co-creator, the one and only Stan Lee! (Located in the Marvel Super Hero section of the theme park.)

Spider Man

The Incredible Hulk Coaster
The Incredible Hulk is a roller-coaster that all adrenaline junkies must ride! It tops a speed of 67 mph, and a maximum height of 110 feet, the first drop stretches 105 feet! All of this makes a phenomenal experience. The highlight comes at the very beginning, with is patented springboard design that gets you zero to 40 mph in 2 seconds, trust me! It will caught you by surprise! The premise is how to make you feel the changes and the flow of adrenaline that goes within puny Dr. Bruce Banner when he changes to the super amazing and mighty The Hulk? This ride is a resounding answer! It will make you feel non-stop excitement and your screams will be of incredible joy! (Located in the Marvel Super Hero section of the theme park.)


Jurassic Park River Adventure
Journey down a river filled with exotic creatures from the time before time in this rafting fun for the whole family! View the dinosaurs in their natural habitats, such as thick jungles, with dense vegetation you can’t see to far away from the boat. Shortly after your departure you will be informed that the raptors have gotten loose and the fences surrounding the dangerous dinosaurs seem to be inoperable. The only out of the compound is to continue along the river and exit by way of an 85 foot drop in complete darkness! (Located in the Jurassic Park section of the theme park.)

Jurassic Park River Adventure

The Cat in the Hat
You heard right, Islands of Adventure supports one of the most famous nursery rhymes in this fun filled adventure. Journey through the creative land of creatures that have names unpronounceable and witness first hand what was always hiding under the carpet, in the closet and lurking in the attic! (Located in the Seuss Landing section of the theme park).

Dr. Seuss

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