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Universal Studios
Unversal Studios


Islands of Adventure

Universal & Islands Base Universal Studios Florida is where the movies come to life. Islands of Adventure is a brand-new, state-of-the-art theme park. With these tickets you can enjoy 1 theme park per day for the amount of days on the ticket.

Unversal Studios


Islands of Adventure

Universal Orlando Park to Park Access Some people may find that they want to ride their favorite rides from both parks in the same day. Well, if you find that you feel the same way, then these tickets are for you. Visit both theme parks in the same day for the amount of days on your ticket.

Five Park Bundle of Fun Universal Studio Florida, Islands of Adventure, Wet 'n Wild, SeaWorld Orlando, and Aquatica have joined together to bring you the 5 Park Bundle of Fun, all at a special Discount Ticket Price.

Six Park Bundle of Fun Universal Studio Florida, Islands of Adventure, Wet 'n Wild, SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica, and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay have joined together to bring you the 6 Park Bundle of Fun, the ultimate access to excitement and a savings.

From some of the most monumental movies Universal Studios in Orlando brings you some of the most enticing rides! Inspired by classic and widely know movies and television shows the theme park is strong influenced by the filming industry. The theme park was ranked the 5th most visited park in the entire United States in the year 2008, making it one of Central Florida’s popular theme parks. Universal Studios is split up into five separate zones; each with their one unique set of rides attractions and themes. These include; Hollywood, New York, San Francisco, World Expo, Production Central, Woody Woodpecker's KidZone and The Lagoon. With an abundance of rides and entertaining themes the Universal Studios Orlando Theme Park is a fast growing fan favorite!

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem Get ready to be immersed in the strange world of super-villian Gru and friends. Guests are converted into minions on this over-the-top 3-D simulator that carries you on a heartwarming hilarious journey. Experience twists, turns, vertical drops as you get totally lost in this unpredictable and zany world of Minions.


Shrek 4D: Ready to be enveloped in this fun filled adventure in 3D proportions? Experience Shrek like never before in this family fun adventure on the big screen! It’s called 4D for a reason, other than the average 3D movies that are quickly becoming popular; Universal utilizes a series of special effects that make you feel like you’re inside the movie! From actual fire, to rain and explosions to will feel every aspect of this Shrek legend! (Located in the Production Central section of the theme park.)

Shreck 4D

The Simpsons Ride Springfield USA:  As one of the Krustyest places on earth, Universal brings the Simpsons to life in a whole new way. Immerse yourself in this over-the-top ride to Springfiled USA, as this zany American family come to lfe at Universal Studios. Universal will be offering authentic food from the television show including Krusty Burger certified meat sandwich.

New Venues:  Kang & Kodos Twirl 'N Hurl, Duff Brewery, Kwik-E-Mart & Cletus' Chickenshack, More's Tavern, Krusty burger, Springfield Streets, LardLad, and The Android's Dungeon

Be prepared to enjoy Americas most unique and animated television characters in this comedy filled simulator of twists and turns. Follow the family as they take a wild ride smashing their way into a heap of laughs and entertainment! (Located in the World Expo section of the theme park.))

The Simpsons Ride

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit: Universal Studios newest ride and a record breaking roller coaster this is not for the feint of heart! Boasting a record breaking loop this ride is constructed to travel around the park allowing you to catch a glimpse from the air before plummeting down! (Located in the Production Central section of the theme park.)

Rip Ride Rockit

Men in Black Alien Attack: Join the ranks of recruits fighting to keep earth safe from species of alien from outer space. It’s not little green men that frighten the men and black, some of the cutest little creatures are the deadliest and some of the vilest looking beings are the ones you should be cuddling! Take your blaster and score points in this crazy ride of twists and turns with extra terrestrials around every corner! (Located in the World Expo section of the theme park.)

Men in Black

Revenge of the Mummy: Journey deep into the heart of an ancient tomb and unlock secret mysteries as to the strange world below. But be weary, even when entering a long forgotten and unvisited tomb the races of ancient played with which craft, sorcery and curses! (Located in the New York section of the theme park.)

Revenge of the Mummy
Islands of Adventure

Islands of Adventure

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Universal Orlando Tickets
Islands of Adventure

Welcome to Islands of Adventure home to an abundance of entertainment and rides for the whole family! Venture through five different zones of the park; each housing its own unique set of riders and experiences, from super hero’s to dinosaurs and even Dr. Seuss the entertainment just continues to roll in! Visit each land depending on your preference of theme and rides for the most out of your time visiting. Explore and experience this unforgettable fun filled adventure!

The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man: Visit one of the most famous modern day super heroes, Spider-Man. Travel through the top of the city and follow Peter Parker as he makes his way across the vast city in a constant battle between good and evil as he faces off with some of his most dangerous enemies! (Located in the Marvel Super Hero section of the theme park.)

Spider Man

Jurassic Park River Adventure: Journey down a river filled with exotic creatures from the time before time in this rafting fun for the whole family! View the dinosaurs in their natural habitats, such as thick jungles, with dense vegetation you can’t see to far away from the boat. Shortly after your departure you will be informed that the raptors have gotten loose and the fences surrounding the dangerous dinosaurs seem to be inoperable. The only out of the compound is to continue along the river and exit by way of an 85 foot drop in complete darkness! (Located in the Jurassic Park section of the theme park.)

Jurassic Park River Adventure

The Cat in the Hat: You heard right, Islands of Adventure supports one of the most famous nursery rhymes in this fun filled adventure. Journey through the creative land of creatures that have names unpronounceable and witness first hand what was always Universal Orlando Ticketshiding under the carpet, in the closet and lurking in the attic! (Located in the Seuss Landing section of the theme park.) 

Dr. Seuss

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