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Animal Kingdom

Home to Disney’s creatures this theme park holds a wide variety of the worlds exotic animals. Animal Kingdom hosts an abundance of shows and exhibits for their animals to show off their special and unique abilities. The theme park is divided into six separate areas each housing their own unique set of attractions, shows, experiences and exhibits. These areas are called; Oasis, Discovery Island, Pandora: The World of Avatar, Africa, Asia, and DinoLand U.S.A.


Located at the entrance to the park this area functions much like the entrances to all of Disney’s parks. Here are located dining areas, concessions and Disney accessories for when your leaving or entering the park. Often times this area of the park is inhabited by employees walking or carrying park wildlife. Also the area is surrounded by many animal exhibits.

The Rainforest Cafe: Home to some of the greatest food on the Disney lot the Rainforest Cafe brings you the exotic creatures of the jungle to your dinner table! Dine under a bird filled canopy next to a rushing waterfall full of elephants amiss the constant calls of animals in this adventurous dining experience for the whole family!

Oasis Exhibits: These exhibits showcase a variety of animals from the second you enter the park. These animals are Ducks, Wallabies, Anteaters and Spoonbills.

Discovery Island

The central zone of the theme park this area is filled with animal exhibits and restaurants. Located in the center of this zone is the Tree of Life the icon of the Animal Kingdom theme park. From this area you have access to almost all of the other zones as well as seeing a majority of the pars wildlife.

Discovery Island Exhibits: Macaws, Cockatoos, Trumpeter Swans, Lemurs, Demoiselle Cranes, Brown Pelicans, Scarlet Ibis, Flamingos and Galapagos Tortoises.

It’s Tough To Be a Bug!: This 4D film follows the characters of “A Bugs Life” the Disney hit feature film in their miniature world. Shrink down to their size and experience what they go through in the everyday life a bug. These fun filled adventures in 3D and animatronics bring these big screen characters to life!


Welcome to Africa… Well as close as you can get without actually being there. This area of the theme park is modeled after an actual African village and supports a wide variety of exhibits and even a safari!

Africa Exhibits: The exhibits in the Africa area showcase hippos, giraffes, gorillas, lions and African elephants.

Kilimanjaro Safaris: Visit the African jungle and take a Safari in to the deepest and most exotically animal populated areas for a one on one animal experience in he back of a moving trolley. Visit the dessert to see lions or go deep into the forest to see swimming hippo. Visit the rolling plains to see giraffe and rhinos in this fun filled ride for the whole family.

Festival of the Lion King: Join the fun in this interpretive musical filled with acrobatics dances and visual effects. Starring the characters from Disney’s original hit movie “The Lion King,” this show is a fan favorite from Animal Kingdom visitors.

Rafiki’s Planet Watch: This is the one part of the theme park that is not connected to Discovery Island limiting the amount of visitors that can access this section of the theme park. Take a short ride on a train through the back of the theme park where you will get to see the employees taking care of the animals. Once to there there is a variety of educational things to do and participate in.

Conservation Station: One of the most educational areas of the park you are encouraged to learn about the endangered species around the world and inside Animal Kingdom. Here you will be able to witness routine animal check-ups and watch short movies on preserving wildlife. Also here you can control cameras located around the park to observe the animals in their natural habitats.


Built to look like an actual Asian village this area of the park is home to all creatures Asian. Anandapur is the village the area is modeled after, Anandapur is considered to be the largest contributor to wildlife research around the world!

Expedition Everest: Follow these rickety tracks into the mountains to see one of natures most secretive creatures on the planet. Rumored not to exist there is a small probability that you will come face to face with this furry monster. Search for this yeti while screaming and whirling on this unique rollercoaster!

Exhibits: Asia is home to some of the most exotic birds and thus the Asia zone in the park supports the preservation of these incredible species by bringing them face to face with you!

DinoLand U.S.A.

Here you can see everything from the pre-historic period. From bones to recreated dinosaurs along with playgrounds rides and entertainment!

DINOSAUR: Venture through the ancient times and come face to face with dinosaurs as well as see one of the most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex bone structure ever found!

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