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Ripley’s Odditorium Orlando

At a glance, visitors will note that the Odditorium appears to be sliding into a sinkhole in Orlando. That’s just a foretaste of the surprises that await you around of every corner.

Famous for the slogan “Believe it or Not” Leroy Ripley spent his life traveling the globe in search of the odd and unusual. Ripley’s 10,000 square-foot Odditorium offers a unique insight into the life of this eccentric explorer.

Discover an eclectic collection of exhibits from weird to wild. With a flair for the Bizarre, take a self-guided tour into Ripley’s 400-exhibit museum that will provoke jaw-dropping wonder, and a lot of laughs.

Shrunken Head 
As one of the rarest among the Ripley collection are shrunken heads from South America, and Ecuador.

Lighthouse Man
Known for roaming the streets of China is the notorious Lighthouse Man that sports a 7-in candle inserted into the top of his cranium secured by wax.

Two-headed Calf
Believe it or Not, be amazed at this calf born with two heads.

Quirky Art
Known for his amazing art, Danny Quirk creates a series of 3D anatomical paintings on the body using sharpies and latex.

World’s tallest man
Born on February 22, 1918, Robert Wadlow was entered into the Guinness Book of Records for his height 8 foot 11 inches, weighing 440 lbs, size 37AA shoes, and hands measuring 12 inches.

The art of Girning
J.T. Saylors of Villa Rica, Georgia, who evidently was lacking his lower teeth, could tuck his nose under his bottom lip an ability known as girning.

Considered one of the cutest post-apocalyptic characters ever created, the robot Wall-E was made exclusively out of car parts.

Beyonce has had many different looks during her film career but this one is made entirely of candy displaying a 40′ x 32′ portrait.

Half Man
Billed as the amazing “Half Boy”, Johnny Eck stunned the world in the 1932 cult classic “freaks.”  He often hid his underdeveloped legs in custom made clothing for his stunts. He is most famous for his one armed handstands.

Shooting Range
Discover Ripley’s fully loaded Interactive Animated Shooting Range with fifteen mind-bending targets.

Legendary Fertility Statues
Legend dictates that some 2,500 women may have become pregnant after having touched the two pagan images.

Sleepwalk Artist
As an artist, Lee Hadwin expresses his creativity by drawing. But one thing that separates him from mainstream artist is that he draws while he is sleep walking. His unique ability covers the gamut from sensual to abstract art forms.


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