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Discovery Cove

Boasting a whimsical tropical getaway, Discovery Cove blends adventure, relaxation, interaction with animals, and swimming into a one-of-a-kind secluded experience. From the serene to the extreme, Discovery Cove is notorious for immersing guests into the marvels of the sea. Be dazzled with an amazing adventure, explore a lush tropical environment, swim with the bottlenose dolphins, relax at secluded grotto, and recline in Discovery Cove’s pristine signature beach.

Dolphin Swim Experience

As the centerpiece of Discover Cove, guests can experience an incredible encounter with one of sea’s greatest creatures, the bottlenose dolphin. As one of the ocean’s most intelligent animals, guests can have a 30-minute one-on-one encounter with this playful animal. Experience the sheer power of your new friend with a dorsal fin tow ride across the pool. Rub-downs, hugs, and kisses are always encouraged during your immersion with the dolphins. During this face-to-face interaction, trainers will teach you about communication and unique behavior of these gentle creatures.

Freshwater Oasis

Freshwater Oasis is an awesome area, letting guests get face to face encounters with playful Asian small clawed otters. You are only separated by a plexiglass from the 5 otters that call Discovery Cove home. They can play in the water or up on the new personal piece if land named “Primate Island”. Primate Island is named after the 9 small Marmoset monkeys that inhabit there. Only growing to a full pound threw out life, they are the smallest of monkeys and have no swimming capability . The monkeys can be seen relaxing curiously in the trees, they are known to not be bothered much by humans. This attraction is included in the Resort Day with Discovery Cove and the price depends on time of year and availability.

Explorer’s Aviary

One of Discovery Cove’s most hidden treasures can be found by way of the Wind-Away River. The journey begins as you immerse yourself in this winding tropical river in search of the famous waterfall. Just under the waterfall, beyond the beaches, nestled in the middle of lush flora, you will discover the amazing Explorer’s Aviary. From the distance, hear the delightful and melodic sounds of hundreds of your feathered friends. With more than 250 tropical birds of various species, anything can happen when hundreds of birds are gliding about you just inches away. Experience that moment of excitement as one of these exotic creatures nibbles fruit right from your hand.


If you are looking to do something a little extra at Discovery Cove but do not want to swim with dolphins, they are now offering a new experience called SeaVenture. This under water walking tour takes you in the Grand Reef with a dive helmet.This dive helmet is described as being incredibly simple to use, just set the helmet over your head and breathe like normal. It has a feed that will supply you with fresh air at all times. You will step eye to eye with mysterious sharks, velvet sting rays and plenty of beautiful colorful fish with no SCUBA certification necessary. You will feel right at home under the sea, Sea Venture has been described as walking on the moon surrounded by fish! The tour ends with a feeding session of fish schools with the reef all around you.

Wind-away River

Get ready for a whimsical tour of Discover Coves 30-acre theme park. Lay back and let the river current carry you on a winding journey throughout Discovery Cove. Offering a unique journey from serene to extreme, feel the warm water splash as you are compelled through the gentle waterfalls, glide past exotic birds in their own natural habitat, and jet into an underwater grotto filled with hundreds of colorful fish. Enjoy the thrills of being jetted through gushing geysers, rolling rapids, and racing waters.

Grand Reef

Immerse yourself into this whimsical paradise filled with one of natures most amazing wonders hidden at the bottom of the sea bed. Witness the awe and splendor of this enchanting grotto bustling with blue, yellow, and green multi-colored exotic fish as you snorkel along. Frolic over to Stingray Shallows filled with one of the most graceful and majestic creatures of the deep. Dare to wade among these gentle creatures as they come to welcome you into their secluded tropical oasis.

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